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Sarah Alexandra

Sarah Alexandra The Signature Shirt - Nantucket List

Sarah Alexandra The Signature Shirt - Nantucket List

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PALE BLUE/WHITE UNEVEN STRIPE. Sarah’s super lightweight breezy Italian cotton conjures up  everything you love about being on holiday. Button it up and instantly  feel the spirit of bed and breakfast pampering, daydreaming at the  beach, clambakes at sunset, and romantic cocktails on the porch. Let  these carefree stripes take you to your happy place. Incidentally,  there’s a tradition around the Cape to gather at the sunset and applaud  as the sun slips below the horizon. You never know. People might be  clapping for you in this shirt that embodies the spirit of summer. 100% Cotton. The Signature Shirt is  fashioned with our innovative and fully shapeable one-piece collar for  dramatic styling. Pop it high, create an alluring angle, or lay it  flat—just follow your mood. The concealed front placket hides ingenious  fish-eye buttons for a seamless appearance. Chamfer cuffs add extra  elegance.   

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