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Sarah Alexandra

Sarah Alexandra The Signature Shirt - The Optimist

Sarah Alexandra The Signature Shirt - The Optimist

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BLUE WITH DARK BLUE SWISS DOT. Everyone could use a little glass-half-full encouragement. It’s easy to see the best of everyone and everything in this positive polka dot brimming with enthusiasm. Our happy-go-lucky light blue and midnight Swiss dot Italian fabric plays well with others — khaki, white, denim, you name it. This idealistic classic will infuse your wardrobe with charming possibilities. Feel your spirit lift the moment you slip it on. 100% Cotton. The Signature Shirt is fashioned with our innovative and fully shapeable one-piece collar for dramatic styling. Pop it high, create an alluring angle, or lay it flat—just follow your mood. The concealed front placket hides ingenious fish-eye buttons for a seamless appearance. Chamfer cuffs add extra elegance. 

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